Innovate Talent Management

The patented Job Benchmarking process is a unique and effective solution because it benchmarks a specific job, not the person in the job. The Job Benchmark will have a direct effect on your business’ bottom line. The Job Benchmark is used to select the best candidate based on the unique behaviors, motivators, acumen, and competencies that the job requires.

Benchmarking is a facilitated process. We work with you to ensure that you are selecting the right group of experts to analyze the position. It is important to know the position you are benchmarking, and having a small team of people that are experts on the position helps build an understanding of the kind of person best fit for the job.

The small team of experts will analyze the role, and develop Key Accountabilities that make up the benchmark for the position. These are things that are important to doing the job well. Prospecting, closing, follow ups, and keeping up with changes in your industry are all accountabilities to consider. Our part in identifying the Key Accountabilities is to help avoid bias. What you think makes a good candidate, and what the results show may be different things. By avoiding bias, we help you zero in on the attributes you need to look for in candidates for the position.

Once you’ve identified the Key Accountabilities, they will be organized in importance to the position. Your team of experts will complete an assessment based on the Key Accountabilities they have identified. After analyzing those assessments, we will be able to put together a report of 37 behavioral factors, motivators, and personal skills that make superior performers.