Team Workshops

Hands on engagement

Workshops can be effective for small teams or you whole company. Platinum Business Strategies’ presentations are designed to increase employee’s understanding of your company and their role in it. They’ll also learn more about themselves, their positions, and their coworkers. Your team will walk away from the workshops primed to increase personal performance and your company’s bottom line.

5 Dysfunctions of a Team
We can help your team understand dysfunctions that can hinder their performance. Identifying issues with Trust, Conflict, Commitment, Accountability, and Results builds cohesion and effectiveness within your company. Your employees will identify relational areas that need improvement, and develop better means of communication and teamwork.

Emotional Intelligence and EQ
Emotional Intelligence is vital to superior performance. It is the understanding of emotions, and how to leverage them for increased performance. Emotional conflicts keep employees and managers from working at their peak performance. Emotions are impossible to avoid, but they can be managed for better communication and productivity. Training your employees and management to understand their own emotions, and the emotions of others, will help them develop skills to be self-aware, self-regulating, and motivating and to empathize and interact more effectively with their coworkers. Developing an emotionally intelligent workforce will reduce conflicts and increase performance.