Are you ready to develop world class talent and teams? Let’s do it!

Are you ready to develop world class talent and teams? Let’s do it!

When you have true self-awareness, everything changes.

At the heart of our work, we know self-awareness is at the core of everything that matters. It’s at the core of individual productivity, excellent teamwork, professional advancement, and personal happiness. We believe in empowering you with the self-awareness required to achieve these things.

Our Values

1. Candor
Realistic, transparent, honest evaluation and conversation.

2. Clarity
Taking something uncertain (understanding people) and achieving greater certainty through objective analysis and evaluation (scientific assessments).

3. Confidence
We can do anything with the right mindset.

Discovering Self-Awareness

Do you want to really understand your unique self? The good, bad, the proverbial ugly (really there is no such thing!). The more keenly aware we are of our unique style – our strengths and our speedbumps – the more intentional we can be as a leader, a member of our team, and a member of our family. Self-awareness moves us from the back seat into the driver's seat.

So, how do we identify your unique wiring? First, we start with a validated personal insights assessment rooted in social science. Next, we interpret your results and provide a comprehensive report and debriefing. This ultimately helps you begin discovering your personal "Super Powers" (and your "Kryptonite"). In turn, we can work together to refine your leadership style and connect you to your purpose.

Understanding Others

How well do you understand others? Think about the people in your business environment, your team and peers, your family, and the other strong relationships in your life. When we have a keen understanding of ourselves and others, we operate proactively and with intention. Notably, we also assume positive intent because we can appreciate the perspectives and unique qualities of others. We begin thinking about how we can accomplish things together.

Here at Platinum Business Strategies, we facilitate conversations and workshops to truly help you understand others. This starts with assessments that help us identify your individual styles and team dynamics, then moves into a facilitated discovery step to ensure you have clarity around the insights. In the end, you are better-equipped to harness the energy of your team.

Developing Teams

Are you a people leader? How effective is your team? How do you foster teamwork and build teams? Having a network of highly collaborative teams is critical as we embrace the virtual workplace. As you may know from experience, building teams is not always such an easy task.

At Platinum Business Strategies, we assess what is working with your team (+) along with your team's speedbumps (-). We start by helping each individual understand themselves and others as described in the previous sections. Then, we move into team development exercises to purposefully facilitate greater levels of communication, productivity, and happiness.
  • “For some 10 years Carla has been an integral part of personal growth programs with our employees. Remarkably even when she is not with us her presence is felt as she instinctively understands growth must be both personal and professional and unequivocally each person she has touched will attest to that. It is a rare few that understand leading with humanity will always win the day, Carla lives what she teaches. She understands a good example always has twice the value of good advice.”

    Bill N.

Carla in Action

Watch the video to meet Carla and learn more about her philosophy on self-awareness.

Meet Carla Fugit

Carla is passionate about driving high-level people initiatives with innovative results. She finds it very rewarding to help people discover their superpowers and kryptonite, and to guide them towards better strategies for productivity, collaboration and satisfaction.

Her professional experience includes over twenty years working with executives, groups and organizations as a facilitator, business coach and strategic partner. Furthermore, her clients range from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies focusing on strategy and organizational effectiveness.

Carla has worked in a wide range of industries internationally including technology, education, construction, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, food distribution, and sales. Her clients have enjoyed increased trust, happiness, profitability, and leadership clarity.


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